2017 Alaska Dialogue:  On the Commons

November 4-5 at Alyeska Resort
Girdwood, Alaska

Governor Hickel founded the Institute of the North to help the world understand Alaska’s model and to advance the concept of the resource-rich commons. In order to share what Alaska has learned Governor Hickel articulates four requirements for the effective management of the Commons:

  • Local Control – effective local and state government
  • Citizen Engagement – informed and active citizenry
  • Resource Development – land, fisheries and resource management
  • Wealth Management – including the Permanent Fund

These issues are central to the Institute of the North and critical to Alaska’s future. In the coming years, the Institute will work to better understood and further develop the concepts held dear by Hickel but that have evolved over the years and been addressed in different ways around the world. The Institute’s “Alaska Center for the Commons” will take this up.

Help us launch the Alaska Center for the Commons by attending this year’s Alaska Dialogue. We’ll focus on the four areas described above but even more importantly we’re interested in how the Commons might be interpreted by you – what does this mean for Alaskans today and how does it play a role in shaping our future?

What does tomorrow’s Alaska model look like? Join us in answering:

  • What is a standard of care for the Commons?
  • How does the Commons currently fare?
  • Where are there gaps in the model or in our understanding?
  • How can Alaskans contribute to the sustainability of the Commons?

We look forward to seeing you this fall as we strengthen and transform Hickel’s legacy, and Alaska’s, to meet current and coming challenges. If you can’t make it, please share this opportunity with a friend or colleague who cares about Alaska’s future and believes in challenging but critical conversations.

Since 2001 the Institute of the North has convened the Alaska Dialogue, a policy focused gathering where 90-120 Alaskans leaders gather for a 2 ½-day in-depth discussion of the key and often sensitive issues facing the state and our commons. The Alaska Dialogue uses an Alaska derivation of the “Aspen Institute Model” with briefing books, panel discussions and problem-solving techniques that generate fresh approaches to difficult problems while building trust among diverse stakeholders. Each year, the dialogue focuses on new, challenging topics. Through these dialogues we believe ‘One Alaska’ is possible, where the reality, richness, and responsibility of the North is understood and appreciated; and Alaskans work together to leverage opportunities and find solutions.

The Institute of the North is not responsible for participant lodging, though we strongly recommend that you stay at the Alyeska Resort, the site of the Alaska Dialogue. The room rate is secured at $111, plus resort fee and taxes, until October 3. Please make your own reservations at 907-754-2111 and reference the Alaska Dialogue/Institute of the North in doing so.

Dialogue will begin promptly at 8:30am and conclude by 5pm each day. Meals include lunches and morning/afternoon snacks. Dinner on Saturday night is planned but not required, and not included in the registration fee.