2018 North by North Festival

Innovation and Resilience

What is NxN?

The “North by North Festival” captures the spirit of Alaska and the Arctic – to address our challenges and opportunities with northern innovation and resilience, to build on a rich history and to ensure a prosperous future. Quite simply, the North by North Festival is “for the North, by Northerners”. These concepts are critical to our citizens, communities, and companies and align with goals of resilience, livability and growth. The North by North Festival will bring innovators from across Alaska, the nation and other Arctic regions to collaborate and address local and circumpolar challenges that can be addressed with process and technological innovation. We hope to see, as outcomes, solutions and policy-relevant findings that will be delivered globally to northern governments and organizations; strong business-to-business relationships develop that result in partnerships; and public awareness heightened related to the state of innovation in Alaska.


The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center is the largest museum in Alaska and one of the top 10 most visited attractions in the state. The museum’s mission is to connect people, expand perspectives and encourage global dialogue about the North and its distinct environment. Learn more at www.anchoragemuseum.org.


As Alaska’s Center for Arctic Policy, the Institute of the North provides strategic direction for the state as it considers and implements its approach to the Arctic at a local, regional, national and international level. The Institute of the North is a clearinghouse of information, able to share best practices from other Arctic nations and connect to a circumpolar network of Arctic experts. We are grounded in Alaskan priorities and perspectives as related to socio-economic development, governance and the human dimension. We facilitate greater public awareness at home and abroad, helping to convey the reality, richness and responsibility of living, working and learning in the Arctic region. Learn more at www.institutenorth.org.


  • Public Engagement – events over the course of the Festival will be live-streamed and engage a broader Alaska audience
  • Team Cohorts – based on response to request for proposals, cohorts will be interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral. They will arrive early in the week to begin working on northern solutions, one each for each of the themes, and engage throughout the Festival in presentations and dialogue.
  • Product Driven – cohorts will produce new and different approaches to the four themes that will advance solutions in Alaska and across the Arctic.
  • Music Infused – musicians from across the Arctic will perform at times that inspire the conversation, will participate in thematic discussions, and at least one large public event
  • Film Inspired – films produced across the Arctic will be included in the 2ndAnnual Circumpolar North Film Festival, responding to one of the four themes. Film festival directors and producers will participate in dialogue throughout the weekend, and shorts will inform the discussion.
  • Dialogue and Discussion – curated by the Anchorage Museum, cohort participants and additional subject matter experts, along with artists, will participate in thematic public conversations to share best practices, challenges and opportunities
  • Work Sessions – cohorts will lead larger work sessions with a broader group of Alaskan innovators over the course of the weekend, presenting their approach to the challenges set out and developing additional input and partnerships.
  • Kid Track – bring your future innovator and Arctic leaders with you. Sessions over the course of the weekend will engage them in dialogue, work and play.
  • TED-Style Talks – brief and inspiring talks will be given at specific times to share international, national and local success stories and inspire Alaskans
  • Food Fueled – northern inspired street food, lunches and other meals will be delivered by a circumpolar network of chefs, many of whom will be participating in the Festival and competing using local Alaska products, including seafood
  • Eight Arctic Nations – with eight nations participating from around the Arctic, the exchange of best practice and development of partnerships will be critical to innovation and resilience activities

Call for Participation

We are inviting participation from across Alaska and the Arctic, individuals who are experts in their field and interested in problem-solving and international collaboration. Four teams will be created and together they will apply their sector experience, subject matter knowledge, and innovative capabilities to challenges that each represent.


We’re asking you to directly support this effort, which puts Anchorage on the map as an Arctic destination; a place where companies, community members and visitors alike can celebrate and engage with northern issues like never before. Your contribution can be applied to the event overall, or specifically to:

  • Innovation cohorts –the facilitation of “cohorts” comprised of innovative business, community, academic and government leaders. Cohorts will over the course of the week share and develop new solutions to challenges of energy, community, climate and health.
  • Social and cultural experiences –the music, food, film and dialogue that will infuse and inspire as well as help to build public awareness.
  • International collaboration – the engagement and participation of, and partnerships with, innovators, chefs, musicians and film-makers from the other Arctic regions

Sponsors of the North by North Festival are highly visible proponents of a strong and successful future for Alaska. With nearly 1,000 people expected to visit and engage during NxN, there is ample opportunity to share your message, build your brand, and connect with customers and citizens.

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