Alaska’s fiscal challenge threatens the resilienc e of the Permanent Fund. Please join the Institute of the North for a week-long online series exploring the Fund’s origins, evolution, and best policies for the future. You can join the free seminar series via Zoom at

  • Gregg Erickson, economic consultant 
  • Gunnar KnappProfessor Emeritus of Economics, University of Alaska Anchorage and former Director, UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research
  • Mike Bradner, journalist, Alaska Legislative Digest, Speaker of the House during creation of Permanent Fund
  • Terry Gardiner, former state legislator, sponsor of Permanent Fund legislation 
  • Cliff Grohanalyst, author, former legislative staff member who worked on legislation creating the Permanent Fund Dividend
  • Craig Richards, attorney, former Attorney General, Permanent Fund Trustee 
  • Steve Johnson & UAA’s Seawolf Debate Team
Topic: Alaskans’ duty to preserve the Permanent Fund for future generations outweighs the present generation’s interest in a Permanent Fund Dividend.
  • Larry Persily (moderator) Visiting Atwood Chair in Journalism at the University of Alaska Anchorage and a former state Deputy Commissioner of Revenue. 
  • Pat Pitney, President of the University of Alaska, former Director of Legislative Finance Division, former Director of Office of Budget Management 
  • Rick Halford, Co-Chair of Permanent Fund Defenders, Senate President during creation of the Permanent Fund
  • Eric Wohlforth, attorney, former Commissioner of Revenue, former Chairman of the Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees