ANILCA Training

Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980

What is ANILCA?

Through ANILCA, Congress designated new national parklands, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, and other conservation lands in Alaska; for a total of 139 million acres (more than one third of the state). Congress balanced the unprecedented scale of these designations with similarly unprecedented accommodations for Alaskans’ way of life and reliance on a resource-based economy.


This course is offered in partnership with the US Department of the Interior University (DOIU), building on a curriculum developed in 2004 with an appropriation from Congress – and now substantially improved to meet contemporary needs. ANILCA Training includes:

  • Summary of Alaska’s land history from Territorial days to present
  • Context of ANILCA’s passage, e.g., issues of the day that led to the “Great Compromise”
  • Overview of ANILCA statutory provisions
  • Key access provisions for traditional activities, subsistence, inholdings, and transportation & utility systems
  • Subsistence on federal lands
  • Wilderness reviews and management
  • ANILCA implementation, e.g., federal land plans serve as basis for today’s management

ANILCA Training Objectives

Seek a greater understanding of this sweeping legislation and its influence on conservation policy, business opportunities, Alaska residents’ way of life, resource development, and public land management in Alaska. Understanding ANILCA assists both federal managers and non-federal stakeholders in finding implementation solutions that continue to balance conservation and Alaska’s unique circumstances. Participation by multiple agencies and non-federal stakeholders enriches the learning experience. Recommended for Federal agencies with ANILCA implementation responsibilities, state and local land and resource managers, Native corporations, tribal entities, rural residents, inholders, as well as community leaders, policy makers, consultants, news media, the academic community, and interested public.  





Over a dozen presenters with federal and non-federal subject matter expertise and ANILCA experience.


The $875 tuition includes four half-days of a combination of live online instruction and videos, printed copy of ANILCA & Amendments; presentation and other supporting documents; and a portable USB drive with an extensive collection of relevant laws, regulations, and other reference materials. There is a nonrefundable $75 deposit fee and there are no refunds, unless a replacement can be found. Non-profits and press can contact us for special rates. Federal employees can register through DOIU Talent if they want the DOIU class credit. All DOI employees can register here. 

Training Schedule

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