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Institute of the North announces transition


With the coming departure of its Executive Director, Nils Andreassen, the Institute of the North begins a transition process that builds upon its long-time work on Arctic policy and Commons issues.

“We are grateful to Nils for his accomplishments and steady management of the Institute, and believe that in his new position at the Alaska Municipal League he will be able to pursue his passion for local government and advance the needs of our communities throughout Alaska,” notes Mike Sfraga, board chair… Read more -> 

Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team updates

The five policy working groups of the Climate Action Leadership Team (corresponding to each of the five policy statements in the draft climate policy) will meet via teleconference from Monday, May 21, through Friday, May 25, 2018.

The Climate Action Leadership Team (CALT) will meet via teleconference from Wednesday, May 23, through Friday, May 25, 2018 to discuss three different focus areas of the CALT’s work.

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Arctic Energy Summit 2017 follow up

The Institute of the North is honored to have organized, in cooperation with Finland’s TEM and many partners, the 2017 Arctic Energy Summit in Helsinki, Finland, from September 18 -20. Attended by 300 people from more than 15 nations, the 4th Arctic Energy Summit covered a wide array of energy topics, from oil and gas to renewables, energy efficiency to affordability. Most importantly, the Summit’s outcomes are delivered to the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), which met in Inari on September 21 and 22.

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Our Mission

The Institute of the North informs strategic public policy and cultivates an engaged citizenry focused on socio-economic development in the Arctic. We support responsible development and collaborative management of commonly owned resources for individual and community prosperity. We strive to understand and communicate the reality and richness of the Arctic and the responsibility of those who live and work there.