NxN Festival Returns

North by North Festival

April 26-29, 2018 // Anchorage Museum

Partner Event

Fifth Annual Arctic Encounter Symposium

April 19-20, 2018 // Seattle

News and Events

Arctic Energy Summit 2017 follow up

The Institute of the North is honored to have organized, in cooperation with Finland’s TEM and many partners, the 2017 Arctic Energy Summit in Helsinki, Finland, from September 18 -20. Attended by 300 people from more than 15 nations, the 4th Arctic Energy Summit covered a wide array of energy topics, from oil and gas to renewables, energy efficiency to affordability. Most importantly, the Summit’s outcomes are delivered to the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), which met in Inari on September 21 and 22.

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Alaska and Maine: Partners in the Future of the Arctic

Maine’s location and resources ensure its status as a near Arctic state. Its connection to Alaska is evident in the states’ similar roles as Arctic gateways. Maine’s strategic location is conducive to Arctic shipping interests. The state is located in the midst of multiple trans-Atlantic shipping routes and sits at the northeast corner of the continental U.S., bordering Canada.

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“What is needed to realize healthy sustainable communities in Alaska through and beyond 2030?” Discussion at NxN on Sunday 4/29/18

Residents of the North ages 18-25 are invited to attend this exploratory scenarios development workshop led by Dr. Doug Cost (UAF) and Dr. Diane Hirshberg (UAA ISER) at the North by North Festival. Using an imaginative and engaging facilitation process, workshop attendees will develop goals, key indicators and pathways for Alaska’s future by thinking deeply about the focal question – “What is needed to realize healthy sustainable communities in Alaska through and beyond 2030?” The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will be incorporated and reviewed in this process and frame some of the discussion. The input of young Northern adults into Alaska’s future is critical and the outcomes will be shared in the closing plenary of the North by North Festival, attended by key state and federal officials. Please send us your commitment to participate at rsvp@institutenorth.org. No registration fee required; lunch will be provided.

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Our Mission

The Institute of the North informs strategic public policy and cultivates an engaged citizenry focused on socio-economic development in the Arctic. We support responsible development and collaborative management of commonly owned resources for individual and community prosperity. We strive to understand and communicate the reality and richness of the Arctic and the responsibility of those who live and work there.