Products and Outcomes

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The Institute of the North’s role in and outside of Alaska is to foster an intellectual and cultural exchange between neighbors with common assets, challenges, needs and opportunities. In sharing the mechanisms for land and resource governance that Alaska is known as a model for, the Institute hopes to build a community of practice among states and nations with resource-rich common land and water. We believe that careful management and development of these commons for the benefit of people results in responsible community and economic development. By providing expert guidance on Arctic policy and infrastructure as well as civic engagement opportunities for emerging leadership, the Institute of the North strives to responsibly inform and inspire future decision making in the Arctic.

The Institute of the North has played an integral role connecting the U.S. State Department and Alaska’s state government with leaders from industry, local and tribal government, the nonprofit sector and civil society. Through cooperation and collaboration, we develop partnerships between stakeholders in the Arctic.

We connect individuals and groups who add to the international dialogue about responsible management of Arctic resources for the benefit of people.

By the Numbers

  • 20 year history
  • 2 staff
  • Led 3 Arctic Council projects – Arctic Energy Summit, PPR in Small Communities, Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas
  • Managed 6 steering committees, comprised of 140 people from 10 countries
  • $700,000 budget – broken into 30% international contracts, 40% corporate/org contributions, 30% program fees
  • 3 “foundings” – Alaska-Norway Cooperation Task Force, Algu Fund and Arctic Mayors Forum
  • 1 MOA negotiated – High North Centre for Business and Governance in Bodo
  • Hosted 80 events in two states and three countries
  • Advanced 3 and directly supported 9 State of Alaska Arctic Policy strategic recommendations
  • Facilitated Alaska’s rejoining of the Northern Forum

Products and Outcomes

Reports, White Paper and Publications

The Institute of the North’s team of Arctic subject matter experts delivers the details of their work important to the global community. Through reports, white papers and various publications, our professionals share the latest research and findings in their fields. Read the latest Arctic-related research and policy-relevant findings here.

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In an increasingly busy Arctic, many of the issues affecting Alaska have taken on new global importance. These issues feature more frequently and prominently in news stories from media outlets around the world. Join Arctic Now for the latest in Arctic news, brought to you by a collaborative effort amongst media.

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