Call for Innovation

We are inviting participation from across Alaska and the Arctic, individuals who are experts in their field and interested in problem-solving and international collaboration. Four teams will be created, aligned with the themes below, and together they will apply their sector experience, subject matter knowledge, and innovative capabilities to challenges that each represent. Please complete the participation form to be considered.

  • Teams will be announced by January 15.
  • Participants should expect to spend the week in Anchorage, Alaska, from April 23 to 29.
  • Teams will collaborate virtually the month prior
  • From April 27-29, teams will engage in public dialogue and presentations reporting outcomes
  • In-state expenses – lodging and meals – will be covered; some travel support available.

Four priority areas chosen from the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals based on their applicability to Alaska and opportunity to see innovation applied in a northern context. Keep in mind that these intersect with other SDGs.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Climate Action
  • Good Health and Well-Being

The “North by North Festival” captures the spirit of Alaska and the Arctic – to address our challenges and opportunities with northern innovation and resilience, to build on a rich history and to ensure a prosperous future. Quite simply, the North by North Festival is “for the North, by Northerners”. These concepts are critical to our citizens, communities, and companies and align with goals of resilience, livability and growth. The North by North Festival will bring innovators from across Alaska, the nation and other Arctic regions to collaborate and address local and circumpolar challenges that can be addressed with process and technological innovation. We hope to see, as outcomes, solutions and policy-relevant findings that will be delivered globally to northern governments and organizations; strong business-to-business relationships develop that result in partnerships; and public awareness heightened related to the state of innovation in Alaska.

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