Northern Regions Mining Summit

Effective Governance. Sustainable Communities.


The Northern Regions Mining Summit, hosted by the Institute of the North in May 2014, addressed the social, cultural and economic impact and opportunity of mineral resource development for Northern peoples in Alaska, Canada and Greenland. It was an exceptional and unique forum for exploring the prudent development of the North’s rich mineral resources for the benefit of Northern peoples.

Topics touched upon a multitude of issues involving Northern Mining operations and included themes of Effective Governance, Commercial Interest and Reality, and Social Well-Being and Health. The Summit drew upon a rich and diverse group of presenters, representing local, state and national governments, industry and the support sector, as well as research organizations. Furthermore, interactive panel discussions and work-shops were utilized to produce an outcome shaped by facilitated participation of Summit attendees.

The outcomes are timely and responsive to Arctic Council decisions related to an Arctic Economic Council, but moreover to Canada’s Arctic Council chairmanship theme of Development for the People of the North. The results benefit companies who hope to explore and produce in the North American Arctic, governments tasked with ensuring risk mitigation and impact benefit, and northern communities who stand on the front line of challenge and opportunity.